June 21, 2019. The day I married the Love of My Life, my best friend, my most supportive fan and admirer, my partner in crime and my soulmate.

Putting my feelings into words, knowing that anybody could read this, makes it so much more difficult to write about. It was such a personal event in my life, that I am not even sure I can begin to describe fully what I felt. I will never be able to tell how grateful and lucky I am everyday to wake up next to the most caring, protective and loving husband, who always goes the extra mile just to make me happy. How blessed I am to build our home together, to plan our future, to set our goals together, to support each other in every endeavor. And that is so much more than any picture can tell.

Yet, I still want to share this special moment with the world. I want to show just a small part of our love story and to inspire other girls/women to never give up on finding their Love and to never settle for less.

With that being s̶a̶i̶d̶ written, ladies and gents, let me show you how our civil wedding went.



The decision to have a civil wedding ceremony and a wedding celebration separately was made in the beginning of the wedding planning, right after the proposal. As a long distance relationship couple, we both had the same goal, to finally start living together. We also both knew that in order to do so, we will need to get married legally first, to prove the legitimacy of our relationship for the government officials to let us finally be together.

However, we both agreed that having a big wedding celebration in a few months was too ambitious, as such an important event requires more time and money investments. So going with the civil wedding first and leaving the wedding celebration for the next year was the best idea for two lovebirds, who just wanted to build their future together. That’s how the decision was made.

Next, we booked the date, invited some family members and friends, told the rest of family and friends that we will be waiting for them on the actual wedding next year, and got married at the courthouse in Ljubljana, Slovenia.



Now, let’s all agree that the most important part of any wedding is the dress of a bride. It is also the most exciting part of wedding planning. However, when it comes to choosing your civil wedding dress, there is some sort of unwritten rules. At least, that’s what I believe. If with the actual wedding you should have no limits, then with the civil wedding, the dress needs to be classy, yet simple, because you don’t want to look too extra and festive.

I spent two months, to be precise, looking for the dress, that one and only that I knew I would feel like it was made for me. And that was the dress of my dreams -- my champagne color medium length dress with the beautiful layering and a middle cut out detail.

Shoes, hair, makeup, accessories and the bouquet were built around the dress, only a week before the civil wedding. Which makes me even prouder, that I was able to successfully create one of the most important looks in my life in such a short amount of time. Totally worth it.


As, I am finishing this wedding post, I just want to share with you that I cannot wait for our actual wedding. To celebrate our love, to have our friends and family with us, to dance till the morning light, to execute my fashion vision of the bridal gown, the wedding venue, food, drinks and cake…

There is so much more that I cannot wait to share with you all!