The idea to start a digital project came to me back when I was still studying at the university. I remember, how during one of my classes, that one was solely dedicated to the editing and pretty much the AP stylebook itself, I was dreaming how after my uni days will be over, I will be free to follow my dreams and make them a reality. How I will be free to go after my dream of being a multimedia journalist, interviewing people, focusing on storytelling and giving voice to the voiceless communities.

I believe that dreams were made to push you in the right direction. And if an idea comes to you, you have to bring it to life, or someone else will. 

Today, a year after graduating my university with a degree in Journalism and Communications, I am proud to come one step closer to my dream. I am both excited and scared to launch my first independent digital project, Mekhdiyeva Media. 

Mekhdiyeva Media is the new series on my YouTube channel and is created to execute my vision and use my creativity and the art of storytelling in order to share unique stories of individuals with my audience. 

The first hero on Mekhdiyeva Media is a young journalist and public speaker, Natalie Kejhova. She shares with us her journey of acknowledging her sexuality, freedom, and struggles that come with it, as well as her experience and pride of being part of an LGBTQ community.